Headshots can be a stressful event for every actor, but Jovani and Anastasia are a dream come true for relieving that stress. I had the BEST experience with them; their ease, joy, and attention to detail, not to mention the white wine, made for one of the most enjoyable afternoons one could have. We bonded, laughed, joked around - and out of it all came shots that I, and my agents, are ECSTATIC about. They're wonderful people, a great business, fantastic price point, and the product is superb. What more could you want? I'll be recommending everyone I know to J. Demetrie Photography!

Zach Martens

The most comfortable you will ever feel in a photo session. You get to listen to your own music, you're flooded with choices for what you'd like to drink, and the stylist takes care of your look and makes you photo ready (Seriously, you can roll out of bed). They arrange different backdrops based on what you're wearing (they will even steam things for you), and if you're worried about showing different emotions, they gladly help direct you through your session - so you are guaranteed to have plenty of options when you get your proofs.

It feels more like a hang out, which provides an atmosphere that shows you at your best and your most natural - and isn't that what we want casting directors to see? There's no cheating or beating around the bush, they don't cut corners - they pay attention to detail, and make sure no dollar goes to waste. I don't know why you'd go anywhere else - and you'll want to come back!

Jason Wise

J. Demetrie is the real deal. Teaching actors at NYU, I tell my students they need a professional headshot to match their professional aspirations. This is it - professional quality, relaxed atmosphere, and wonderful artists who will celebrate what makes you unique in the best headshot you can get!

Evan Mueller

Jovani and Anastasia are absolutely incredible people who do beautiful work. They truly listen to all of your ideas and create a fun, collaborative environment. Let's be honest, headshots can be stressful and uncomfortable, but this dynamic duo takes care of everything to make you feel completely at ease and supported. Book them for a photo/jam session and you will NOT regret it! These two are some beautiful people, on all levels, and I am already looking forward to my next session with them. Book them NOW for some great energy and amazing headshots!

Amanda Klinikowski

So much fun! And such good shots. This duo put me at ease completely. They asked me to do my homework about what style of portraiture shoot I wanted -- to send them examples of shoots I like, themes, etc -- and it opened up my mind to photo shoots in a new and not-terrifying way. (Cause I used to be totally intimidated by still photography.) This was so so so so great and helpful.

Also, the products Anastasia uses are incredible! All natural, totally radiant. Usually after a shoot or performance, I feel like I have layers of stuff on my face. But my skin felt silky smooth all day. (bonus!)

Michelle David

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with Anastasia and Jovani. They are two incredible warm, funny, and cool people. More than anything, I felt like I was hanging out with two friends. They did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and were an absolute blast to shoot with. I want to get head shots again just to hang out with them! :) AND, most importantly, I was thrilled with the way my head shots turned out. I had so many usable shots and shot many different looks to chose from. You get WAY more than your money's worth and I would absolutely recommend them to anybody and everybody. Thanks for such a great experience :)))))

Billy Casey

I just did such a wonderful shoot with J. Demetrie Photography. They were lovely. It was such a chill, comfy, encouraging vibe. I felt like I was hanging out with friends who happened to be taking my picture. They put so much time and care into the work they were doing. I'm a huge fan!!

Katie Travis

I was thrilled with this shoot from start to finish. Jovani and Anastasia are warm, wonderful people who immediately make you feel at ease. The whole experience was professional and collaborative. They both spent a great deal of time making sure that we got all of the shots that my agent and I were looking for. Their loft is beautiful - lots of natural light. I drove in from Westchester and it was easy to park on the street right in front of their building. Communication from start to finish was clear and thoughtful. The hardest part about the whole experience was choosing the shots - I had many, many great possibilities to choose from. Affordable, enjoyable, and fantastic results. I highly recommend them for your next shoot.

Jack Doyle

These guys are wonderful. I HIGHLY recommend having your next headshot or portrait session at J. Demetrie Photography!

They have excellent eyes for what the current trends are in headshot photography. Normally you get a photographer and then pay an additional amount for the stylist, but Anastasia and Jovani really work as a team. So, you get two people working with you and making sure every shot turns out amazingly well. Anastasia has a great eye for colors and styles that will enhance anyone's natural beauty. I was so relieved that she didn't use so much makeup to make it look like a glamour shot. And, she uses eco-friendly all natural makeup products!

They both make you feel very relaxed and comfortable in the sessions, even offering wine! And, Knowing that Jovani and Anastasia were both performers made me trust them far more than other photographers. The shots turn out beautifully! I never saw a bad shot.

K.C. Leiber

Choosing the right headshot photographer can be quite a daunting task. As actors, we all want the BEST headshot possible in order to market ourselves and get in those amazing audition and casting rooms. I had been on the hunt for a new headshot photographer for months and could not find anyone that had an affordable price point and fantastic shots. One day, I saw a flyer for J.Demetrie Photography while auditioning and LOVED the photos and the incredibly affordable price. I decided to check out their website and happened to see the lovely pictures of a personal friend on the site and booked a session right away. From the initial email to the actual day of the shoot, Jovani and Anastasia were AMAZING! Friendly, funny (and I love funny) and extremely professional. Their attention to detail is impeccable and they will literally shoot until you have the BEST headshots. I am now in the process of choosing my new headshot and I am THRILLED. There are so many wonderful photos. I am having a hard time finding my top 3. I'd say that's a great problem to have, wouldn't you? Don't settle for less. Invest in your career and go see Jovani and Anastasia. They are crazy good and a heck of a lot of fun to work with! Trust me. :-)

Renata Eastlick

I really can't say anything but good things about this team. They're kind, warm, welcoming, and fun! From the minute I walked in, I was relieved of all of the "headshot stresses" because I knew I was in capable hands. And as if the session itself being awesome wasn't enough, the shots I got from them are AWESOME! I am beyond happy with how they came out and would literally recommend them to the world. GO J. DEMETRIE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Thank you guys!

All My love.

Cory Jeacoma

I was extremely nervous about getting new headshots - it is such an investment, and they can really make or break you when you're submitting for castings. Jovani and Anastasia are smart, skilled, and professional, and they are also LOVELY people. I felt so comfortable from the minute I walked in the door and throughout my shoot. They really got to know me and tailored my styling, make-up, and photo composition to suit the kinds of roles I generally go in for. Their fun, positive energy really helped me relax and let my personality shine through. I love that the package is all inclusive (make-up, stylings, photos, and retouches), and there are no hidden charges. I have so many awesome shots - I have no idea how I will choose! I would definitely recommend J. Demetrie photography to any actors in the market for new headshots!

Also, it doesn't hurt that Maximus is the cutest dog EVER.

Sarah Misch

To say J and Anastasia are a powerhouse team is an understatement! Hands down the easiest, most comfortable, pressure-free headshot session I've ever had. The only problem now is I have too many great pictures i'm at a loss as to how I'm supposed to pick! Great people and professionals inside and out. Honestly can't say enough good things about this duo! If you need new headshots, this is the place to go!!

Kacie Burns

I can't even put my positive thoughts about J.Demetrie into words for this review. So incredibly professional but so incredibly warm and welcoming. They not only know what they are doing, but they invite you into their home to what feels like a hang out sesh. They take time to sit down and get to know you and what you want out of your headshots and how they can assist you in achieving that specific look. Jovani and Anastasia make you feel so comfortable and relaxed which is obviously the feeling you want when taking pictures you want to last for a long time. Anastasia beats your face and lays your hair so you are on pointe and Jovani is so gifted at expressing who you are in the images. I was stressing myself out trying to choose which 2 to get retouched because I loved them all so much which is the best curse/blessing there ever could be. They make anyone they work with feel so beautiful. Just super talented, warm, and beautiful people. You would be doing yourself a disservice not shooting with them. (did I mention they have a dog?)

Samantha Funk

Jovani and Anastasia are the BEST, along with their adorable pup Maximus! Their Brooklyn studio is absolutely beautiful. They made me feel immediately at ease - they welcomed me with a hug and sat down with me to get to know me for the first part of my session. Anastasia went through my wardrobe selections and helped me pick outfits that would offer the most versatility and used natural makeup products to enhance my features. Once Jovani started shooting, he and Anastasia worked together to make sure we were capturing many angles and poses, kept my hair in place, and offered direction for facial expressions. Their teamwork is what makes them stand out, and what ultimately made my headshots turn out better than I could have ever dreamed. I had many shots to choose from and the best part is - they all look like me, not a glammed-up version of me. I can't thank them enough and will be highly recommending them!!!!

Codie Higer

AMAZING HEADSHOT EXPERIENCE! With a price you can't beat. Anastasia and Jovani exceeded my expectations. I felt that they both were very professional and personable. I never felt rushed to finish nor was I nervous (I'm sure the wine helped lol) This was also the first time were I felt that the Makeup/Hair and the photographer worked together during the shoot. Anastasia and Jovani worked as a team. Jovani had awesome tunes to set the mood, and also knew how to direct wonderfully. Anastasia always kept the mood very laid back with jokes and stories. She also made sure that not a hair was falling out of place. I will certainly work with them again.

Jean Paul Morales

Honestly, this headshot experience is one to rival photographers at MUCH higher price points. I had so much fun chatting with Jovani and Anastasia. It was like we were hanging out, therefore I was able to be myself, and then we took pictures amidst the hanging out. They always have wine at the ready to relax their clients and really make them feel pampered. I think that this is by far the BEST headshot experience for a super affordable price. I highly recommend J. Demetrie Photography!

Eric Tronolone

This was by far the most amazing headshot experience I have ever had. Anastasia and Jovani make a brilliant team...creating a tense free environment and giving you a celebrity experience for an amazing price. If you need new headshots: RUN...do not walk, to J. Demetrie Photograpy!!!!

Devon Yates

Jovani and Anastasia make what should be a tiring and awkward experience into something totally enjoyable. Right away they make you feel welcome and comfortable. Their gorgeous photographs speak for themselves in quality, and beyond all else, they work hard to make you look like the best version of YOU. Five stars for this fabulous and genuine duo!

Maria Cook

Jovani and Anastasia are consummate professionals. Their studio is comfortable and inviting, and it's really a zero-pressure environment. I've known Jovani for a long time, and after meeting Anastasia, I feel like I've know her forever as well, even after one meeting. The shots look tremendous to boot. Book with these wonderful people ASAP!

Will Harris

I'm not seasoned when it comes to headshot photographers around New York, but when I first saw Jovani's photography and his specific and quite original skill, it was unquestionable that he photograph my headshots. Not only was that easy to decide, it soon became one of the most amazing experiences actually coming to Brooklyn and shooting in their beautiful loft. Anastasia and Jovani are exceptional people to work with when it comes to this process. I couldn't possibly have a complaint. I could go on and on. Excellent.

Hannah Lanford

Jovani and Anastasia simply made everything fun which is everything for an awkward girl who loves acting but feels funny about pictures (me)! I was instantly comfortable upon arrival (and no, it wasn't just the wine) and I was also so grateful for all the help with wardrobe and make up. The amount of care J and A put into making sure I was genuinely satisfied with my photos meant the world. Thank you thank you!

Kimmy Foskett

I had a phenomenal experience with Jovani and Anastasia and can't recommend them highly enough. They took loads of time to help get exactly the shots we wanted and made me feel relaxed and comfortable in their beautiful loft studio with a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. I am *thrilled* with my shots and can say I have only one complaint: I have FAR too many options from which to choose! Highly recommend J. Demetrie photography! :)

Katie Cunningham

The experience was... and the results are... BRILLIANT!!! Jovani & Anastasia (& Maximus, my new-found four-legged friend!) are extraordinarily kind and wonderful! A most relaxed, fun, accommodating & creative photo-session. So GREAT...on every level!! AND, all at an amazing price-point!!! Now the difficulty of which shots to choose, because they are all so FANTASTIC!!! Thank You, Anastasia, Jovani, Maximus!!! Xo

Joseph Go Mahan

I cannot stop raving about what a great experience I had with Jovani and Anastasia! They are not only extremely professional and extremely talented, but they are such a fun team to be around. And that is one of the main reasons that I chose them to take my headshots. When I went in for my consolation, their warmth, lovely energy, clear business model and TEAMWORK just immediate told my heart YES. There are many headshot photographers out there that do lovely work but not only do Jovani and Anastasia do lovely work, they truly care about you and make sure that your experience is warm, safe, relaxed and that ultimately you feel super fabulous! What more can I say? I have a lot of great shots to choose from and for a price that is quite affordable.

Mirirai Sithole

I was apprehensive at first, as I always am with photographers. I wasn't used to their way of working so I really didn't know what to expect. I'm THRILLED with the outcome. Both, Jovani and Anastasia are lovely people and quite good at what they do. I was always confident that every shot looked perfect under the careful eye of Anastasia, the stylist. Jovani was very intuitive and knew exactly when to stop shooting before we set up the next set of shots. He always caught me when there was something alive happening in my face and eyes. Their loft is fabulous and Maximus the pooch was a wonderful addition to a lovely experience. The price is phenomenal for what you get too! Thank you both so much - you're great!

Janis Dardaris

I've done a lot of headshot sessions in my time, and J. Demetrie Photography was hands down my favorite. Their photos stand for themselves. No need to take my word for it, take a peek at their website and you'll see what I mean. If that alone doesn't sell you (and it should), you should know that Jovani and Anastasia are an absolute joy to work with. They take the time to discuss what you want out of your photos, then spend the next few hours guiding you toward that. I've had sessions with other photographers in the past where almost nothing was said. They just pointed the camera and shot and you hoped that what you were doing was going to work. None of that nonsense with J. Demetire. They constantly communicate with you through out your shoot, helping to guide and adjust you in order to get amazing shots. The environment is loose and fun. I never once felt rushed or any kind of pressure. I couldn't be happier with the results of my session. Bottom line...they are amazing people, who take amazing photos, at an amazing price. Oh...and let's not forget the wine and the coolest dog you will ever meet! What more can you ask for?!?!?!

Bryan Manley Davis

Headshot sessions can be very overwhelming, but J. Demetrie take their their time with every detail to ensure their clients look and feel their best. The stylist was on hand the entire shoot, so I never had to worry about anything being out of place.Their number one priority was making me feel comfortable so that the photos would be natural and I could not be happier with their work!

Stephanie Haring

Jovani & Anastasia gave me the best problem I could have: Too many shots I LOVE! From the moment I stepped into the studio to when we concluded that I got the shot for my last frame, they were totally amazing. I told them what I wanted to achieve and the collaboration was one for the books.

We got EXACTLY what I wanted and with an adorable pup keeping us furry company and a glass of vino. How can one go wrong with that?

They are awesome people and stunning with their work. The way they work together is so seamless and puts you at total ease.

You wont be disappointed. Xo -Eric

Eric R. Williams

I've been in the business for 15 years and have had a lot of headshots taken, and I have to say, my session with J Demetrie was the best. Not only did they take the most fantastic shots (which I think really represent the best version of me), but my time with them went beyond being "pleasant": it was downright ENJOYABLE. Like, I want to get more shots done just so I can go hang out with them (and their adorable dog Maximus, who I totally want to steal) again. 

Great conversation, wonderful music, tasty wine, beautiful studio and such professionalism! I am truly terrible at taking headshots, and Anastasia and Jovani talked me through all the little tips and tricks that made my shots really pop. I have become photogenic for the first time in my life, and it's all thanks to these two. Absolutely worth the money. A+

Ashley Marinelli

GUYS! I know picking a headshot photographer can be tough, but you cannot go wrong with J.Demetrie Photography. Not only were they professional, but they were welcoming and so incredibly kind (as well as affordable!) From the second I walked in, I was comfortable and therefore ready to capture images of my best self. They made sure to pay attention to who I am as a person and created images that reflected that instead of "generic actor #1425". We discussed the ways in which I wished to market myself, and they guided me during the shoot to those places (cuz let's face it, we rarely know exactly what our faces are doing). I am so happy I went with them!


Kate Hopkins